From big cities on the coast to rolling midwestern small towns, students and campus communities nationwide are providing leadership to address energy challenges and climate change. Every city and every state is affected by climate change differently, and it will take more than just one blanket policy or solution to combat climate change. That’s why Defend Our Future and the National Campus Leadership Council are teaming up with six different college campuses from across the country to elevate the innovative approaches student bodies are taking to make their campuses greener and more sustainable and inspire students across the country to get involved and take action.

Thanks to the dedication some incredible student leaders, we're proud to present the 2016 Climate Leadership Summit Series. Throughout the month of April, students across America will come together to discuss how climate change is effecting their homes, and brainstorm ways to create greener, more sustainable policies.

We invite you to learn more about our summit series and attend the one in your area. Together, we can defend our future.